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Little Cypress Family Suffers Holiday Set Back



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For the Whittlesey Family, this Christmas Season was supposed to be an extra joyous season.

A family of 8 with 3 adults and 6 children ranging from 1 to 17 (and a baby on the way) was looking to move into a larger home.

So they sold their old one and used the money to buy a double-wide on two acres.

They had gotten back into attending church.

Despite health problems by the father, things were looking up for the Whittlesey’s


Then the problems began.

They were told by a contractor they would need a new aerator system and the cost would be over $7000.

They would also need permits before Entergy would install electricity.

They were stuck in their new home living on a generator.

They turned to members of their Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Hwy 87 in Orange.

Together they were able to have H&H cut them a discounted deal for the aerator, obtain the necessary permits, and were only 3 days away from Entergy installing a new pole.


Christmas was definitely looking up.

Then another turn of bad luck.

One of the younger boys refilled the generator at night in the dark. He spilled gasoline and the generator caught fire.

Before it could be extinguished, it would engulf the back of their home.


They reached out to the Red Cross for help and were turned down.


The Church was able to put them into a hotel. The next goal is to make temporary repairs to allow the family to move into the home next week after the power is turned on.

Repairs and replacement of the children’s clothing and beds will cost thousands. Even though the LDS church has big hearts, they do not have the funds to match.

They are trying to raise $25,000 for this purpose through a GoFundMe, but also are asking anyone in the community who has building supplies they can donate to please do so.

You can donate through the button below, or you can contact Andrew Stewart at 409-550-9644




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Local News

City of Orange to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Tax Increase



The City of Orange is holding a public hearing on 29 August 2023 at 5:30 PM at the Orange City Council Chambers at the Orange Public Library.

According to the notice, the proposed tax increase is under the amount that would require voter approval.


The public is invited to voice their support or opposition to the proposed tax rate at the hearing

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Local News

Vidor Tennis racks up 1st District Win of Season



The Vidor Pirates posted their first district win yesterday. They hosted the Lumberton Raiders and won 12-7 which brings their district record to 1-1.
  • Katie Hanks
  • Claire Fawcett
  • Jordan Goodman
  • Austin Gibbs
  • Jordan Goodman and Austin Gibbs
  • Bryce Loftin
  • Gideon Rowe
  • Nathan Evans and MIA partner Josh Muckleroy
  • Jose Guerrero Evans
  • Lane Mathues
  • Lane Mathues and Jose Guerrero
Here are the results:
The boys were able to sweep both the doubles division and the singles division. Partners were Lane Mathues/Jose Guerrero, Austin Gibbs/Jordan Goodman, and Nathan Evans/Josh Muckleroy.
Boy singles were Bryce Loftin, Jose Guerrero, Lane Mathues, Gideon Rowe, Jordan Goodman, and Austin Gibbs.
We had two girls win their matches, Katie Hanks and Claire Fawcett.
Up next, the Pirates will be traveling to Crosby on Friday. Some of our Pirates will be taking the night off of tennis to participate in Friday Night Lights, so we will have some “newbies” stepping up and taking their place. This is a great opportunity for them! Can’t wait to see what they can do.
It’s a GREAT Day to be a Pirate!!!!!
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Bridge City

Meet the Cardinals 2023 a Resounding Success




The Bridge City Cardinals held their 2023 Meet the Cardinals event Monday.

All photos courtesy of Bridge City ISD

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