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Marriage Licenses Issued for the 41st Week of 2022



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Marriage Licenses Issued

by the office of the Orange County Clerk Brandy Robertson

For the week of October 10, 2022 , 2022 thru October 14, 2022

Scott L. Smith and Kayla M. Gregory

Joseph J. Frederick and Suzette Y. Abshire

Trey A. Craft and Emily N. Marsh


Jimmie L. Lewis and Brenda G. Williams

Dustin R. Doucet and Julie A. Miller

Payton L. Dobson and Raegen J. Williamson

Leslie N. Bryant and Carrie J. Hamilton

Michael L. McClain and Felicia A.M Cruz

Zachary C. Bland and Chrystal M. Miller


Tracy L. Vilo and Maegan N. Shaunesey

Dirk L. McDonald and Felicity M. French

Kirk F. Roccaforte and Christy C. Khoury

Darius J. Bob and Desiree R. Howard

Phillip D. Sherman, Jr. and Amanda E. Chandler

Armando Lopez and Kayla M. Espinoza


Triston G. Doguet and Savannah C. Grant

Louis G. Moore and Connie J. Nugent

Michael C. Darby and Heather S. Quebodeaux

Derek C. Reynolds and  Alexandra R.C Broussard

Collin K. Pompilio and Victoria L. Dotson

Cullen D. Tinsley and Sabrina L. McNeely


Stephen L. Tramel and Emily D. Padilla

Wallace R. Hoosier, Jr. and Courtney D. Moore

Zachary W. Barnwell and Courtney N. Duran

Daniel R. Stivner and Melody I. Swearingen Randel

Blake A. Broussard and Mallory F. Brown

Quinn M. Deponceau and Kayleigh I. Lute



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OCDR hosting 5th Annual Taste of the Holidays, looking for Food Vendors




Orange County Disaster Rebuild is hosting the 5th Annual Taste of the Holidays on November 16th at the Orange County Convention and Expo Center.

They are looking for food establishments in Orange County interested in participating to contact them at 409-745-9719. They are hoping to have more than 30 vendors at this year’s event.

Tickets go on sale the first week in October.

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County Tax Office releases updated Trust Property List




The Orange County Tax Office released its updated trust property list.

They are accepting minimum bid amounts only at this time. According to the tax district, if properties do not sell, the may be sold at a reduced amount at our next online tax resale auction in 2024.

Please call for more information. 409-882-7971

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West Orange-Cove CISD Unveils Innovative Mobile Classroom, Revolutionizing Learning On the Go



WOCCISD is proud to announce the launch of our innovative and fully equipped mobile learning lab, a solution funded by the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant. Pioneered by Dr. Alicia Sigee, Director of Student Services at WOCCISD, the new mobile classroom is committed to providing an adaptable learning environment for various learning needs and community engagement.

The mobile classroom redefines traditional learning methods. This state-of-the-art vehicle boasts two slide-outs, three touch-screen television monitors, comfortable seating, and a versatile table that can be removed to create more space for students. Additionally, the unit includes a restroom, a kitchenette, a back room with pull-down seats, and an ADA wheelchair elevator, ensuring an inclusive learning environment for all. Finally, the classrooms are outfitted with dry-erase boards and touchscreen monitors to allow teaching on every surface. This innovative vehicle transforms learning into an engaging, interactive experience that can stand alone entirely with four AC units and a generator onboard.

The primary focus of this vehicle will be the expansion of the successful “Read and Roll” program, particularly during the crucial summer months of the learning slide; however, we plan that this mobile unit will have many uses throughout the year.

“The “Read and Roll” program is already established as an impactful community initiative and has been a cornerstone of WOCCISD’s commitment to student learning loss,” stated Dr. Alicia Sigee.  “Operating during the summer, the program combines literacy initiatives with meals and community service opportunities for student groups. By going directly into the neighborhoods where students live and play, the program ensures accessibility and community engagement.”

Other initiatives the vehicle will be used for include but are not limited to

Community Resilience: During crises such as hurricanes and disasters, the lab transforms into a disaster command unit and feeding site, providing vital support to the community.


Community Engagement: The lab enhances community engagement through an enrollment hub for parents, local parades, family nights, and parent education initiatives.

Education Empowerment: Parent education sessions on platforms like Skyward and insights into grading periods provide parents with tools to participate in their child’s education.

Comprehensive Events: From “Back to School at LCSO” to FASFA Nights, the lab facilitates diverse community programs such as meet-the-programs nights and mobile job fairs.

“We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking diverse mobile classroom,” said WOCCISD Superintendent Dr. Rickie Harris. “Our goal is to provide an educational space that accommodates various learning styles and ensures that every student feels welcome and included. This vehicle embodies our dedication to delivering a high-quality education beyond traditional boundaries.”

This innovative mobile learning lab embodies WOCCISD’s dedication to adapting and evolving to meet the changing needs of students, families, and the community. It symbolizes resilience, innovation, and commitment to empowering lives through excellence every day!

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