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Orange County Youth Soccer Kicks Off Saturday

Local youth take to the soccer pitch on Saturday for Spring Soccer



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Spring Soccer starts Saturday morning for Orange County. Early games start at around 10 AM at the Orange Youth Soccer Fields at 1058 Border Street in Orange.

The Orange Youth Soccer League is a local non-profit which offers soccer for Orange area youth. According to their Facebook page:

We offer recreational and competitive soccer for our youth. Registration for the falls seasons are from the end of May thru mid-July, practices start in August, games start in Sep., and last 10 weeks. Registration for our spring seasons is sometime in Feb., practices start in March, and games start in April. Spring is a 6 week season

As part of our commitment to being your voice of hometown news and sports, Story Over a Cup will be keeping track of and covering the scores and standings for girls’ and boys’ soccer.  You can go to the local sports tab and click on sports standings or click the button below

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